UO Alliance of Happy Atheists!

The University of Oregon's Only Officially-Recognized Group for Secular Students

  • Upcoming Events

    May 6, 2010
    7pm Columbia 150

    John Davidson: "The Godless Constitution - Secularism in America."

    AHA! executives meet regularly on Mondays at 6pm, in our office at the EMU Survival Center. Feel free to stop by!

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Our Office

Want to learn more about AHA! ? Get more information about our affiliates, the Secular Student Alliance and the Center for Inquiry? Hang out and enjoy awesome friendships? Stop by AHA!’s office!

AHA!’s office is located in a place called the Survival Center in the EMU. We’re on the bottom floor. Maybe this map will help:

Stop by any time!


3 Responses to “Our Office”

  1. Mike said

    Dear AHA- There is a meeting at the Corvallis Public Library sponsered by the Corvallis Secular Society… May 21st at 7 to 9pm. Open forum- ‘Where does morality come from?’ Find the info online… corvallissecular.org Thanks.

  2. Lauren Prater said


    I’m a freshman at the University of Oregon and I’m interested in learning about the AHA. Are Mondays the only meeting days? Will there be anyone in the office if I drop by some time this week?

  3. Brandy Dominguez said


    my name is Brandy Dominguez. I am a field reporter for KWVA. I am wondering if it would be okay to do a story on your AHA Prom! this coming Saturday? Is there someone I can interview about it?



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