UO Alliance of Happy Atheists!

The University of Oregon's Only Officially-Recognized Group for Secular Students

  • Upcoming Events

    May 6, 2010
    7pm Columbia 150

    John Davidson: "The Godless Constitution - Secularism in America."

    AHA! executives meet regularly on Mondays at 6pm, in our office at the EMU Survival Center. Feel free to stop by!

Our Office

Want to learn more about AHA! ? Get more information about our affiliates, the Secular Student Alliance and the Center for Inquiry? Hang out and enjoy awesome friendships? Stop by AHA!’s office!

AHA!’s office is located in a place called the Survival Center in the EMU. We’re on the bottom floor. Maybe this map will help:

Stop by any time!

3 Responses to “Our Office”

  1. Mike said

    Dear AHA- There is a meeting at the Corvallis Public Library sponsered by the Corvallis Secular Society… May 21st at 7 to 9pm. Open forum- ‘Where does morality come from?’ Find the info online… corvallissecular.org Thanks.

  2. Lauren Prater said


    I’m a freshman at the University of Oregon and I’m interested in learning about the AHA. Are Mondays the only meeting days? Will there be anyone in the office if I drop by some time this week?

  3. Brandy Dominguez said


    my name is Brandy Dominguez. I am a field reporter for KWVA. I am wondering if it would be okay to do a story on your AHA Prom! this coming Saturday? Is there someone I can interview about it?



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