UO Alliance of Happy Atheists!

The University of Oregon's Only Officially-Recognized Group for Secular Students

  • Upcoming Events

    May 6, 2010
    7pm Columbia 150

    John Davidson: "The Godless Constitution - Secularism in America."

    AHA! executives meet regularly on Mondays at 6pm, in our office at the EMU Survival Center. Feel free to stop by!


The Alliance of Happy Atheists (AHA!) is the University of Oregon’s only official student organization for atheist, agnostic, secular, freethinking, non-religious, and skeptic students and their allies.

AHA!’s goals are varied, but we all hope to work toward a future in which atheism is seen as a viable life choice, and atheists are no longer discriminated against. We want to encourage a new image of atheism–one that is happy, hopeful, and full of wonder for the natural universe.

If you have any questions about our by-laws or mission statement, please see the tab “By-laws.”

For more information, please visit our Facebook group:


You can also email the AHA! president at gregoryk [at] uoregon.edu

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