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    May 6, 2010
    7pm Columbia 150

    John Davidson: "The Godless Constitution - Secularism in America."

    AHA! executives meet regularly on Mondays at 6pm, in our office at the EMU Survival Center. Feel free to stop by!

The Friendly Atheist is TONIGHT!

Posted by oregonaha on May 21, 2010

Hey everybody! Don’t forget that Hemant Mehta will be in Eugene TONIGHT (May 21) at 6pm for a presentation and book-signing.

The event starts at 6pm and will be held in Columbia 150, which is right in the middle of campus.

See you there!

One Response to “The Friendly Atheist is TONIGHT!”

  1. Hello,

    Welcome if you have just found our website! This website is not currently being updated, but AHA! is still VERY much an active group at the University of Oregon. We are much more active on facebook and we have a new website domain, which we are currently working on developing more.

    Please disregard much of the meeting information on here as it is outdated. AHA! has always met on campus every Thursday at 7:00 pm when classes are in session. The room location changes from term to term.

    If you would like to find out more about what AHA! is currently up to, please visit these sites:
    Facebook page

    Facebook group

    Our main website (under construction, pending web development)


    You can also email the group at atheists [at] uoregon.edu
    I am the outgoing VP, but please feel free to shoot me an email as well and I can get you connected to the current group leaders. 🙂

    Shannon McCormick

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