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    May 6, 2010
    7pm Columbia 150

    John Davidson: "The Godless Constitution - Secularism in America."

    AHA! executives meet regularly on Mondays at 6pm, in our office at the EMU Survival Center. Feel free to stop by!

The Friendly Atheist is TONIGHT!

Posted by oregonaha on May 21, 2010

Hey everybody! Don’t forget that Hemant Mehta will be in Eugene TONIGHT (May 21) at 6pm for a presentation and book-signing.

The event starts at 6pm and will be held in Columbia 150, which is right in the middle of campus.

See you there!

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Awesome events coming up!

Posted by oregonaha on May 3, 2010

Hey everyone! AHA! prez Lucy here! It’s an extremely exciting time for AHA! right now–after nearly a year of crazy transitions, lots of hard lessons, and tons of fun, we’re holding three big events this term that we’re sure will go great!

This week (May 6) we’ll be having our very first guest lecture/presentation. A great way to “celebrate” the National Day of Prayer, we’ll be having John Davidson, a professor in the Political Science department, talk to AHA! and the UO community about the godless US constitution and the history of secularism in America. That will take place this Thursday at 7pm in Columbia 150–we hope you can come!

Next week, we’ll be holding a Movie Night on Thursday and AHA! prom on Friday. Check out more info on the movie under the “Upcoming Events” tab.

We’ll be having our culminating event on Friday, May 21. Hemant Mehta, author, blogger, and Chair of the Secular Student Alliance’s Board of Directors, will be visiting the UO from Chicago to share his story, “I sold my soul on eBay.” We’re PUMPED for Hemant’s talk, so be sure to mark your calendars!

Have a great week and let us know if you have any questions!


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Sorry for the wait!

Posted by oregonaha on April 19, 2010

Hey everyone, this is Lucy here, the AHA! prez. We apologize for not updating our website more and I encourage you to check out our Facebook group for more information, or feel free to email me at Lgubbins@uoregon.edu.


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Term Re-Cap

Posted by oregonaha on March 17, 2009

AHA!’s first term has been, in short, absolutely amazing.


Facebook members: 19 -> 225 (as of 5/31/09)

Fundraised monies: $225

Events: 7 meetings, Bake Sale, National Day of Reason celebration, film showing, group lecture with Kenneth R. Miller

Press: Daily Insurgent, Oregon Daily Emerald, Friendly Atheist blog, CFI twitter,  Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (UO chapter) newsletter

Attendance: Our first two meetings had over 100 attendees. Average meeting attendance is between 30 and 50. Our film showing of “Jesus Camp” was well-attended, with about 70-80 attendees in all.

ASUO recognition status: Under review, due to 6-month existence rule. We should become officially recognized during the summer or at the very beginning of the fall term.

Countless members of AHA! have given their time, money, and effort into making this new organization a huge success. From organizing a spur-of-the-moment bake sale and advertising the group on busy school days to organizing social gatherings and bringing treats to every meeting, we are so indebted to our AHA! members and allies! Thank you for a phenomenal first term!!!

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